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Child Custody: Protecting What Matters Most

Skillfully handling child custody cases is one of the most important things we do at the law office of Philip R. Shucklin, P.S., in Bellevue, Washington.

When time with your child is on the line, there is nothing more important. We help parents who are going through divorce obtain parenting plans that work. We also represent unmarried parents and parents who already have child custody plans or orders but need to update them.

The Skilled Legal Support You Need

With over 35 years of legal experience, much of it practicing family law here on the Eastside, and a background in social work, Philip R. Shucklin is well-suited to help you with your child custody concerns as well as related child support issues.

As your lawyer, Mr. Shucklin will strive to help your family create a residential parenting plan (also known as a child custody arrangement) that protects your child’s best interests as well as fits your lifestyle. This will allow this new chapter in your family’s life to be as stress-free and natural as possible for your children and yourself.

The Makings Of Residential Parenting Plans

There is no such thing as child custody or visitation under Washington state law. Instead, parents who divorce or do not live together must create residential parenting plans. Judges generally prefer that parents, often with the assistance of their attorneys, come up with plans together. A judge can then sign off on it.

This method is also likely to be least traumatic for children, as well as parents. Mr. Shucklin is well-prepared to help you negotiate a parenting plan outside of court. With such a long history of practicing law in Bellevue, he is likely to know your ex’s attorney and how to best work with him or her. However, should litigation become necessary, Mr. Shucklin will be your strongest advocate in the courtroom.

Your parenting plan will address:

  • Where, when and with whom the child will reside
  • How the parents will make important decisions regarding the child, involving things like schooling, religion and health care
  • How parents will resolve any disputes that arise

A judge will only sign off on your parenting plan if he or she agrees it meets the best interests of the child. We are committed to helping you craft a plan that serves your children well, and proving this to the judge.

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