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Domestic violence can tear a family apart. Even untrue allegations can separate parents from their children and cause a world of heartache.

Whether you are in danger of violence or you have been unjustly accused of it, you can trust the family law firm of Philip R. Shucklin, P.S., to be your trustworthy advisor and advocate. Based in Bellevue, we have decades of experience providing personal, responsive representation to men and women throughout the Eastside area.

Attorney Philip Shucklin served as the first male board president of LifeWire (formerly called the Eastside Domestic Violence Program). LifeWire has served more than 136,000 domestic violence survivors since its founding in 1982.

Are You A Victim Of Domestic Abuse?

While most people think of domestic abuse as physical harm, it isn’t limited to this. Abuse can fall into any one of these categories:

  • Physical — Using force (or the threat of force) to injury or intimidate another person. This includes hitting, kicking, choking, throwing objects, driving recklessly and more.
  • Emotional — Causing emotional damage by shouting, verbally humiliating or isolating another person, for instance.
  • Sexual — Forcing another person to participate in sexual activity against his or her will, even if that person is a spouse.
  • Economic — Using money to control another person. Examples include taking the money someone else earns, refusing to allow him or her to work, refusing to put his or her name on the title to joint assets.

No matter which category the abuse falls into, you do have rights and options. We can help you understand and take advantage of the laws that protect you. One of the first steps is to request a protective order (sometimes called a restraining order) against the abuser.

Have You Been Wrongly Accused?

A domestic violence charge has the potential to create untold damage. Beyond the potential for lengthy jail terms and heavy fines, you could potentially lose custody of your children, be locked out of the family home, and face many other consequences.

Let our Washington law firm explain your rights if you have been wrongly accused of violence or abuse. We understand the life-changing penalties you are facing, and we will work hard to protect your relationships with your children whenever possible.

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